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Residential Floor

A unique trend in South Africa, is the use of a concrete floor in a residential home to completely remake the look of the house. No other design change can structurally improve the value and look of a home in such a short time and within the same budget as the installation of a concrete residential floor. Modern styling options as well as very unique insulation properties make concrete a very good choice for a residential floor.

Retail Concrete Floor

Retail Floor

Hard wearing retail floor options can range from smooth, non-slip finishes to multi-media customised floor designs. A high traffic retail floor is the perfect place for concrete floor applications, as carpets wear quickly and tiles are infinitely more expensive and much harder to install. The easy with which a concrete retail floor can be cleaned and maintained make it the first choice for many retail outlets and shopping facilities.

Retail Floor

Commercial Floor

Offices and other commercial buildings are served well by the addition of concrete flooring as the savings in energy can be seen to change almost immediately. It’s the most environmentally practical floor solution from manufacture right through to floor installation. In some cases, as entrance halls and lobbys, a commercial floor needs to handle high traffic while still being a key factor in design and look good for many years to come with very little maintenance required. Concrete commercial floor options handle this with ease and the proof is in the many successful projects we have completed that are still in their 100% original condition to this day.

Industrial Floor

With the rugged strength of a concrete industrial floor, delivery vehicles, heavy machines, high volume storage structures and even spills and accidents are no match for the strong, easy to clean industrial floor. We would love to hear from you and be able to assist you with absolutely any concrete floor requirements you may have. Please fill in our enquiry form to your right for the quickest response from our team.